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Founder | Producer | Drummer

Alexander Joshua Turner (born March 13, 1993) is an American drummer, music producer, keyboardist, bass player, engineer. An Atlanta native, he started playing drums at the age of two years old pulling pots and pans from his parents’ kitchen cabinet creating a makeshift drum set. By the age of five years old, he started playing for the children’s choir in his church. Unable to reach the foot pedal of the drums, he was yet able to be so creative dazzling the audience with amazement.

His professional musical journey started when he was thirteen playing for a local rock band and accompanying local artists as well a staff member at several churches. Starting off as self taught, he practiced long hours daily while maintaining school and a successful athletic career in high school and college. Later on, studying more of the fundamentals of music, now gifted in all genres including Jazz, Rock, R&B, Gospel, Christian, Hip Hop, Trap, etc., he continued to excel and expose his brand to the mainstream entertainment industry.

Inheriting his intensive, vast passion for music and musical prowess from his father who is also an artist and musician, Alex is a highly sought after drummer, producer and the creative genius and founder of the four member band, Sonic Communion. He has had the privilege of accompanying and collaborating with some of the hottest acts in the mainstream music industry from Atlanta’s Praise 104.1 and gospel sensation, Darlene McCoy, Grammy Award winning Gospel Jazz artist, Ben Tankard, to Hip Hop BET/Grammy Award winning rapper, 2Chainz, Hip Hop/Trap rapper and dj, Sonny Digital, megastar Instagram influencer, “Mr. Hotspot” just to name a few. He has traveled extensively around the country and completed a South Korean tour prior to the pandemic. 

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Producer | Bassist


Tyler Sherard, originally from Baltimore MD, is a freelance multi-instrumentalist (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard), singer-songwriter,  and producer. He has resided in Atlanta, GA for the past 6 years. In that time, he has studied and worked in numerous genres of music from Hiphop/Soul, to Gospel, to Rock/Country, and toured internationally. Through his skills as multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, Tyler has worked both in the studio and live with the likes of:
-2 Chainz
-Asiahn (Motown Records)
-Sonny Digital
-Dreek Beatz (Plies, Rick Ross) 
-John Hopkins (Zach Brown Band)
-Chris Condon (Billy Ray Cyrus)
-G-Styles (Layton Greene, Ann Marie) 
...and many more.

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Producer, Guitarist

Joshua was born in Puerto Rico to a mother serving in the US Navy. He would later be raised in Mobile, AL for the majority of his adolescence. Always being attracted to music, he decided to take up brass instruments in 6th grade. That same year, he came across the video game Guitar Hero, which would be the catalyst for his shift from orchestral instruments to the guitar. 

Through unrelenting dedication and devotion, he developed his natural gift for music into a skill that he could eventually support him and his family with. He has now achieved many dreams, which include teaching, playing for major artists, and writing and releasing original music. You can now find his work on spotify with National recording artist (rapper) Skooly, and his original music with Austin Taylor.

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Producer, Keyboardist

Born in Newark, NJ and raise in just outside of Atlanta, Mark’s (born Markendrick Polynice) first interest and love for music came from his singing grandmother, who was a daughter of a music professor from Haiti. At age 5, Mark became knowledgable that he had perfect pitch, which eagerly lead him to pursue playing the piano starting at age 6. As time progressed, he became the main musician at his family’s church at age 9. Mark’s musical horizon was expanded once he was exposed to jazz and other various genres of music at age 16. Soon after he developed a mastery for the instrument that led to collaborations with Les Brown, Darlene McCoy, Amber Bullock, LaShaun Pace, After Party Experience and more. At age 19, He developed a hunger for production which resulted in him being Co-CEO of Icepop Entertainment, LLC and music director and producer for Nashbi and more.

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